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Developing Backend For Front End (BFF) — checklist/best practices

BFF sample architecture wrt Open APIs or traditional MVC apps

Taming the UX monster with SVG: my first encounter with custom SVG connectors and how you can excel it at too!

  • I needed to make an interaction like above where user can select a node on LHS and connect with nodes on RHS.
  • There can be many-to-many relationship between these nodes.
  • User can chose to remove an existing connection.
  • All existing connections have to be plotted when page loads…

Application Insights using Azure and VueJs — Error handling and Event Logging in Front End to avoid Console.log in Production

Come to the verge of doing The thing you like the most and just don't do it. This will work as a Reference Point in later life when you are tempted to do something unproductive. If you could give up that, you can easily give up this.


Javascript, Angular, Vue. Web App is all what I Do. And sometimes getting bored, i write articles and poems too!

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