Come to the verge of doing The thing you like the most and just don't do it. This will work as a Reference Point in later life when you are tempted to do something unproductive. If you could give up that, you can easily give up this.

eg. If you like ice cream very much, take it but don't eat it...melt it with your hard stare infact ;)

Next time when you have urge to eat something unhealthy, recall the ice cream reference point which was much higher a challenge and #justdontdoit :)

Over period of time you will build enough reference points to avoid most distractions and temptations and can focus on things that matter most to you

1. Increase Resistance to things you don’t want to do more:
e.g. too much social media, news or videos? install AppDetox or Moment

2. Decrease Resistance to things you want to do more:
e.g. gym is closed or takes more than 5 mins to reach? Setup gym at home - its one time expense. Start small, with Yoga mat and each month get a new tool for different body part. In few months, you will have 24*7 gym at same or lesser cost of annual gym fee.

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